I know, i know, that you can download Cygwin to try Linux under Windows. But, if you copy all of the exe's of Cygwin, you can use
it too. You do not have to install it. If you copy the exe's (and some dll's too) to a location which is in your path. For example
in %windir%.
Do i that, but i also copied some other nifty little programs accessible in the path:
c.exe	program to browse throught directories in DOS
zip,arj	dos zip and arj
nircmd	NIR CMD line utility
bat2exe	batch to exe converter
uptime	see the uptime of your machine
wol	commandline wakeonlan tool

and all of the commands from Cygwin.

If you are interested and for your convenience i've zipped the contents as described above.
Link : http://bit.ly/lvPpvc

Just unzip the contents of DOS.zip to your windows folder.