Apple computers are not very well known of being the cheapest around. So, you ever wanted to run (or at least try) OSX on your Windows / Linux,  PC/Laptop, before making the decision of bying one? 
I did...

Follow the next steps to step in the world of apple:

1. Download ideneb:
     ideneb is an OSX CD/DVD image, created to run OSX on i386 hardware.
2. Burn the image and
3. put the CD/DVD in your computer and install it. 

You're done!


If you'd like virtualize it. Here are some tips:

1. Create a VM in Virtual Box.
2. Select as OS the OSX Server OS. Not the 64bits. (Although 64bits may work, too). And install the Virtual Machine using the imagefile downloaded earlier.
3. When done,  Rightclick on the new freshly created VM, and select System, Search for extended features, Leave IO Apic on and EFI hardware clock en absolute pointing device, should NOT be selected!.
but Guest Additions cannot be installed at this moment. 

Some other notes:
1. If you'd like to access Windows Shares (samba):
When you go to the Connect to Server dialog (GO, Connect to Server), you may browse the names of computers that are on your local subnet.
You can connect to a server via its IP address or DNS name. If it is required or more convenient in your environment, you may also use other valid URL formats, such as:

2. Some other problem I encountered was the screenresolution of the VM. I only could set it to 1024x768. On you can see some solutions to solve it.
Good Luck! :-)