Yes, I know. Keylogging is nog righteous to do, but I was curious how easy this could be achieved. It is so easy. 
First of all go to This is a very, very (did I say very?) easy keylogger. Just install it, and you're ready... :-) 
 But there is more. Would you like to install this silently? I do. 
In short, this is a way to do it: 
First of all, download Cameyo. With this nice little tool you can create a portable .exe file of the keyloggger. 
Secondly, install a nice and clean WindowsXp virtual machine (or a physical one...) O yeah, no AntiVirus software on it. 
But, do install Cameyo on it. Start Cameyo and follow the instructions during the wizard. Then install actualspy. Register it. 

Some notes: 
Buy/download actualspy (or something like that ;- , hint: search youtube for actualspy)) 
A registered version doesn't have the 40minute-usage limitation 
 Then, allow cameyo to create the nicely and portable exe file for you. 
Run the portable .exe file with the switch /s 
Schedule this .exe with the Windows Scheduler and it works nicely. 
x64 Machines also work ;-) 
Ow, and please take note of the fact that this is merely ment for educational purposes...