Usually at the work office I'm very busy. But I take some time to browse on the internet on some of my favorourite sites. But many of the site I wish to visit are blocked, because they are categorised as “exploit or hacking related”... As I mentioned before, you can make use of a tunnel to your home network and you can browse freely. There is however another way. What if I get a PDF of the website I like to visit. I've built a tiny, and simple script: 

mv index.* tweakers.pdf 
mutt -s "EzineMailer" < ~/scripts/tweakersmailer/body.txt -a tweakers.pdf 
rm *.pdf 

The mutt command can be used to send a mail from your commandline.
If you do not have mutt installed on your linux system: sudo apt-get install mutt
Now lets try sending a test mail: # echo testing | mail -s Bla 
and take a look at /var/log/exim4/mainlog. You should be good to go! If not run dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config and configure a smart host. Smart host for use of another SMTP server. Send attachment? Use mutt (apt-get install mutt) mutt -s "Testing" < body.txt -a myfile.txt (-a attachment) 

I am using a internal smart host. You can use an external smart host too. I forgot to mention, that I am using an Ubuntu server for this purpose. :-)
And finally, you can cron this script and you will get an automatically generated pdf in your mailbox. This site could help you with editting the crontab: