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I know several people who got very wealthy over the last few decades. I know a few people who got very wealthy over the last few years too. No matter how slowly or quickly they did it, they both have one thing in common. They both bought into a position that grew in value.

Let’s take a step away from talking about iPhone App Programmers, Android Programmers, Magento Programmers and the new Google Glass for a moment. You’ve all heard of Samsung and LG. You’ve also heard of Hyundai and Tae Kwon Do. Well, all that happened after 1980.

Before 1980, you could buy a house on it’s own plot of land in the middle of Seoul for about the cost of a house in the slums of Alabama. About the cost of a Hyundai today would buy you a house. Today, you can’t buy that house. They don’t exist. They’ve all been mowed down and converted into skyscraper apartments that each cost more than $1 Million.

What happened in the last 20 years?

The whole country decided to take a capitalist economic position with dictatorial political leadership. So Samsung and LG and Hyundai rose from selling rice to selling smartphones and automobiles that rival the world’s best. To do that, they had to bring in engineers and experts from around the world. That is how the cost of real estate exploded and that is how the poor rice farmers in Seoul became near-billionaires.

They were in the right place before a major transition.

If you were one of the first 500 iPhone app programmers that Steve Jobs and Guy Kawasaki personally invited to develop for the iPhone One, you were also in the right place before a major transition.

Now, if you build an ios app for iTunes, you’ll have to invest about $30,000 in marketing to maybe have a shot at breaking 100 downloads. That’s because Steve spent millions of dollars marketing the iTunes store in the beginning. And only 500 apps where there to benefit from all that attention. Now, there are over a million apps.

So where should you go now?

Google, Android, and Jelly Bean are all positioned for a major transition in the world: VUI with Google Glass. If you build an app with voice user interface capability on Google Glass, you’ll be able to control your TV, computer, car air conditioning, garage door opener, and anything else that currently has a control panel. Google Glass will build a UI control over everything- even your microwave oven.

What that means is that even if you’re sitting on the couch and you can’t read the display on your microwave, with eye-tracking, Glass will know you’re talking to your oven when you say, “reheat pizza.”

The next blog post will present the biggest opportunities for Jelly Bean programmers who want to build an app for Google Glass. For that next blog post, visit again in a few days. If you want an alert, subscribe at

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I'm a big Android fan. Because of it's open character and if I rooted my Android device, it is even better!
But, unlike many others I am not an Apple iPhone/iPad hater. I think it also kick ass. The Apple devices have more of fun-factor than most Android devices. And if you Jailbreak it, it opens some more possibilities. I will not discuss them here. Also I will discuss how to Jailbreak your Apple iP* device. If you install an SSH server on your Jailbroken device, there are some nice directories on the device. 
Here they are:



PodCasts: (do podcasts still exist?) 


Installed Apps:

In DB format. Can be opened with SQLite Database Browser

Text Messages (SMS):
In DB format. Can be opened with SQLite Database Browser

In DB format. Can be opened with SQLite Database Browser

In DB format. Can be opened with SQLite Database Browser

In DB format. Can be opened with SQLite Database Browser
Apple computers are not very well known of being the cheapest around. So, you ever wanted to run (or at least try) OSX on your Windows / Linux,  PC/Laptop, before making the decision of bying one? 
I did...

Follow the next steps to step in the world of apple:

1. Download ideneb:
     ideneb is an OSX CD/DVD image, created to run OSX on i386 hardware.
2. Burn the image and
3. put the CD/DVD in your computer and install it. 

You're done!


If you'd like virtualize it. Here are some tips:

1. Create a VM in Virtual Box.
2. Select as OS the OSX Server OS. Not the 64bits. (Although 64bits may work, too). And install the Virtual Machine using the imagefile downloaded earlier.
3. When done,  Rightclick on the new freshly created VM, and select System, Search for extended features, Leave IO Apic on and EFI hardware clock en absolute pointing device, should NOT be selected!.
but Guest Additions cannot be installed at this moment. 

Some other notes:
1. If you'd like to access Windows Shares (samba):
When you go to the Connect to Server dialog (GO, Connect to Server), you may browse the names of computers that are on your local subnet.
You can connect to a server via its IP address or DNS name. If it is required or more convenient in your environment, you may also use other valid URL formats, such as:

2. Some other problem I encountered was the screenresolution of the VM. I only could set it to 1024x768. On you can see some solutions to solve it.
Good Luck! :-)